he'll rip your lungs out


he gave six men syphilis, but not the way you'd think

it was probably a wacky misadventure

feeling fantastic the smell of plastic explosives
he'll rip your lungs out

[Medic, naturally, is not one to ignore a bombed-out city. Hell, he's lived in them. His medkit is cobbled together, but he's in uniform, meaning that he is clearly someone talented with medicine. Wounded? Confused? Well... he's confused too, but this could provide valuable data. He is more than happy to "treat" anyone who approaches him.]

{03} a partytime necessity
I do believe I was drunk

Zhat vas fun, vasn't it? Zhe adrenaline alone... it vas beautiful. Und for my teammates, vhell, I am sure you all did fine on your own, ja? Perhaps had to care for yourselves for a change? You appreciate vhat I do for you now, I hope.

Zhere is only vone vhay to celebrate zhis, und as it is Oktoberfest time, und I doubt Mayfield vhill be hosting her own... you see vhere I am going vith zhis!

[He cackles, just a bit.]

It vhill be a sorry Oktoberfest. Ve have only vhat zhis town provides us. But! Zhe mead zhat many of you know about? Vhill be making its debut zhere. No better place, ja? It vhill be more like a party vith lots of beer zhan a proper fest, but zhat should not stop us.

I vhill host it at my house, beginning on zhe 29th und ending on zhe first. No breaks. Everyone may come! I only ask zhat you bring something vith you. Food, beer, liquor; I really do not care. Only contribute.

My class? You have zhose days off. Vone of zhem is a Saturday, but I vhill not be hosting class on zhe ozher two.

[He doesn't bother filtering this last part, but hopefully it's clear who he's addressing. Anyone who speaks some amount of German should be able to pick up on what he's saying.]

/You're just as welcome as anyone else; I'm not interested in hiring a bouncer. My only qualification for you is that you leave your Nazi shit at home, otherwise I have a friend who will help me show you off of the property. This is supposed to be a good time, and I don't want to ruin it by fighting with you. Understand?/

{02} cardiovascular questions
and he likes the taste of blood
[Action, at Mayfield High; backdated to Friday]

[Yeah, Medic hadn't really known that school was back in session until he'd started receiving annoyed phone calls from the faculty. If anyone is enrolled in Mayfield High's biology class and lab, well, enjoy your couple of days off! When you arrive on Friday, though, you'll find a very annoyed teacher, dressed pretty much nothing like a teacher, leafing through the textbook in irritation.]

Vhell. It seems zhat it has fallen to me to teach you zhe finer points of zhe study of life; however, ve vhill not be relying on zhis textbook to do so. It is outdated und censored und I prefer my vork hands-on. It vhill be a tool, not our source.

[He leans back in his chair, putting his feet up on his desk and wishing sorely that he had a cigarette or his Kritz right about now.]

I expect you to read it anyvay, of courze. Now, I am certain zhat zhe school vhill provide zhe usual rats und frogs und pig fetuses, but I vhill be giving extra credit to anyvone who brings us anyzhing more interesting to take apart.

{01} you let me in your house with a hammer
the city is off limits to anyone in blue

Vhell. Vhat is zhis?

[A rather calm call from someone who just spent a good hour or so tearing apart most of the interior of 504 Ricardo St. looking for any hint of his things but especially his Medigun. That is prized technology dammit and losing it(or worse, having it stolen) is unforgivable.

His call, though, doesn't really communicate that.]

I just have a few simple qvestions for anyvhone hospitable enough to provide. I can be qvite civil myself, you know.

[Wait, that has to be clarified from the start? And why does his tone indicate that he'd much rather be eviscerating someone?]


[a. Closed except for housemates. Medic is either tearing all of your shit up or not giving any fucks about the mess and digging through the pantry, depending on when you show up.]

[b. Around town! Screwing around with the drones(they don't fight back when cut! Also he got a knife somewhere), checking out what kinds of birds they have at the pet store, inspecting the park, getting thrown out of the hospital for trying to steal medical supplies... usual first day in town stuff. There is a curious lack of color-coordinated destruction, so for the moment he's more concerned with where he is than anything else.]

[c. If anyone has any reason to be at the school during the summer, Medic seems to have figured out what his job is supposed to be and is familiarizing himself with the school labs and classrooms. He is clearly disappointed with what's being provided, because he's trashed about half of it. There will probably be another trip to the hospital soon, this time a bit more sneaky-like.]

[d. The tavern has a very disappointing selection of alcohol, but Medic will soldier on regardless. Besides, everyone knows that bars are where you go for sensitive information from shady characters.]


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